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Ghormeh Sabzi, an Authentic Iranian Dish

Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the most popular and renowned Iranian stews. This dish is prepared with a combination of various greens and meat, and in many regions of Iran, especially in the south, it is considered one of the main dishes.

Ingredients of Ghormeh Sabzi:

Ghormeh Sabzi is made from a blend of several fresh or frozen greens. These greens include leek, parsley, fenugreek, leek again, and coriander. Below are some of the minerals found in the greens of Ghormeh Sabzi:

  1. Iron: Coriander and leek contain significant amounts of iron, which aids in the production of hemoglobin and the transportation of oxygen in the body.
  2. Calcium: Leek and coriander are good sources of calcium, essential for bone and dental health.
  3. Potassium: Fenugreek and coriander have good amounts of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure and ensures proper muscle function.
  4. Magnesium: Coriander and fenugreek are good sources of magnesium, which plays a role in various processes in the body, including energy production.
  5. Zinc: Leek and coriander contain amounts of zinc, beneficial for the body's immune system and wound healing.
  6. Phosphorus: Fenugreek and coriander contain phosphorus, essential for bone health and energy production in the body. It should be noted that regular and balanced consumption of these greens can help meet the body's daily mineral requirements.



Freezing Method of Ghormeh Sabzi in NovarSabz Company:

NovarSabz is one of the most reputable companies producing frozen greens in Iran. This company uses the IQF or rapid freezing method to freeze greens. This method ensures that the greens do not crumble, and their vitamins and minerals are preserved.

Ghormeh Sabzi Frozen by IQF Method:

The IQF or "Individual Quick Freezing" method is one of the most advanced and modern methods of freezing food, especially for freezing greens and fruits. This method ensures that each piece of green or fruit is frozen individually without sticking to other pieces. The result of this process is the better preservation of properties, color, taste, and nutrients of the food. Ghormeh Sabzi frozen by the IQF method is not only of higher quality in appearance and taste but also preserves the minerals and vitamins present in the greens. After freezing, these greens are easily separable and can be used quickly in dishes without the need for straining. These features have made Ghormeh Sabzi frozen by the IQF method very popular and sought after among consumers.




Types of Ghormeh Sabzi:

Depending on the region, ingredients, and cooking method, Ghormeh Sabzi has various types. Some of these include Ghormeh Sabzi with beef, Ghormeh Sabzi with chicken, Ghormeh Sabzi with lamb, and even Ghormeh Sabzi with fish. Each has its unique taste and flavor, catering to individual preferences.

Which Cities Have Their Special Ghormeh Sabzi?

Although Ghormeh Sabzi is considered one of Iran's national stews, it is served with different flavors and characteristics in every corner of this vast land. Each region and city in Iran, based on culture, taste, and access to ingredients, prepares a unique version of Ghormeh Sabzi. For instance, in Shiraz, Ghormeh Sabzi is prepared with dried lime and lamb, giving it a distinct sour taste. In Mashhad, some families add barberries to Ghormeh Sabzi, giving it a slight bitter and sour taste. In southern regions, especially in Khuzestan, Ghormeh Sabzi is sometimes made with fish, offering a completely different flavor from other versions. Also, in some cities, chicken is used instead of beef or lamb. This diversity in preparing Ghormeh Sabzi reflects Iran's rich cultural and historical influence on its cuisine.

Cooking Methods of Ghormeh Sabzi:

Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the most favored and renowned Iranian stews enjoyed throughout the country. This stew, made with a blend of meat and a collection of fresh or frozen greens, has various preparation methods. But is there only one way to make this stew? Certainly not. Depending on the region, culture, and individual tastes, there are diverse methods for cooking Ghormeh Sabzi. In some areas, it's made with beef or lamb, while in others, it's cooked with chicken or even fish. Additionally, ingredients like red beans, dried lime, or barberries can alter the stew's flavor. Some people use fresh greens, while others opt for frozen or freeze-dried ones. Each of these methods imparts its unique flavor to Ghormeh Sabzi, ensuring that this stew tastes different in every part of Iran.


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How to Prepare Ghormeh Sabzi with Chicken:

 To prepare this type of Ghormeh Sabzi, start by sautéing chicken with onions and spices. Then, add the chopped greens and red beans. Adding water or chicken broth and dried lime, simmer the stew until the chicken is fully cooked.

How to Prepare Ghormeh Sabzi with Beef:

Saute beef along with onions and spices. Afterward, add the chopped greens, red beans, and dried lime. By adding water or beef broth, cook the stew until the beef is tender and well-cooked.

In conclusion, Ghormeh Sabzi is a national Iranian dish that varies in flavor and ingredients based on region, culture, and individual preferences. This stew is prepared using either fresh or frozen greens and can be made with beef, chicken, or other meats. Whether using fresh or frozen greens, Ghormeh Sabzi always delivers a delightful taste. It can be enjoyed throughout all seasons and remains a flavorful and cherished dish.


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